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BNR Spring Poker Run and Breakfast  2023

Saturday  - April 29, 2023


START: 9 to 11 AM at the American Legion Post 188 | 20 Main Street, Sandwich

END: Arrive n later than 3 PM at Sea Dog Brew Pub & Restaurant | 23 White's Path, South Yarmouth

DONATION: $10.00 per card


All proceeds will go to help a deserving Veteran or Military Family on Cape Cod and the IslandsHam or Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches including coffee will be available to purchase at $10 each to kick off the event. The wonderful American Legion volunteers have offered to volunteer their time to cook a wonderful breakfast for us. 

Thank you Massachusetts Military Support Foundation for your generous food donation. Come Hungry!









Big Nick's Ride Poker Run 2023

Saturday  - July 15, 2023

Details to be announced


Poker runs are NOT Races! Be sure to enjoy the beauty of a long, twisty route though the stops.

Poker runs are like any good motorcycle event giving like-minded individuals a great opportunity to get together and have some fun.  Meeting up with other bikers allows you to have great discussions, make new friends, and take some great photos.  Combining the joy of biking with poker just adds another thrilling element to the proceedings.  While our poker runs do have a time limit, there is no racing needed or allowed!  All rules of the road and laws must be obeyed at all times.  This is not a ride and is not escorted. All traffic signals must be obeyed.  We have factored in enough time to allow riders to explore – even stop for coffee and fuel – and still complete the ride, as long as they are mindful of the clock.  The winning hand is purely down to the cards that are dealt.  This means that participants don’t need to rush. They can take in all of the scenery during their journey.  Our poker runs give you a opportunity to explore some territory you may not have visited before.  We encourage riders to go off the beaten track to discover new and different paths around the Cape. 


  • Our poker run will have a starting location where you will make your suggested donation for your score sheet(s). 

  • The total number of  separate stop will be revealed at the American Legion where you will draw your playing card(s).

  • At the final location - Sea Dog Pub and Restaurant - you will submit your score Sheet(s).

  • We will post the list of stops before the run.  You will also be told at each stop the location of the other stops in the ride.


  • The starting point will be open for a period of time.  During that time, you can purchase your sheet(s), draw your first card(s) and begin the ride at any time between 9AM and 11AM.

  • You can ride the run alone or in a group.

  • Our runs are not designed to be ridden in order.  However, going out of order may cause you to arrive late at a stop only to find that it has shut-down.

  • You can ride to the next stop along any route of your choosing.

  • We encourage riders to explore the backroads of the area.



In traditional forms of poker, players make a hand out of five cards.  This form of the game (a poker run) is more comparable to video poker, in that the hands dealt are completely random.  The winner of the competition is chosen by chance, but players can sometimes give themselves a better chance of winning by purchasing more than one score sheet.

  • At the start, you will purchase your score sheet(s).  An individual may donate more for more than one score sheet.

  • Back seat riders are encouraged to get their own score sheet(s) as well.

  • At each stop you will draw a playing card for each of your score sheets.  That card (example; eight of diamonds) will be recorded on your score sheet for the stop you are at.  The participant must hand each sheet to the volunteer BEFORE drawing the playing card.

  • If a participant has more than one score sheet an additional card must be drawn for each sheet. 

  • There will not be any jokers or wild cards.

  • Duplicates are not allowed on an individual score sheet, you will have to draw another card.



All score sheets must be submitted at the last stop. 

  • Score sheets that are not filled out completely may be discarded.

  • Sheets that cannot be read or have been defaced or have extra markings will be discarded.

  • We will contact the winners after all of the score sheets have been reviewed and tallied.

  • Sheets will be scored by normal poker rankings (Royal Straight Flush down to Single High Card)

  • All decisions of the judges are final.

The Nicholas G. Xiarhos Memorial Fund is a fund of The Cape Cod Foundation. 

© 2019    Proudly created by  Jim Matthews  to honor all our Fallen Heroes 

Faith, Family, Flag and Friends                                           

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